About A-Systems Corporation

A-Systems Corporation has been providing accounting software to the construction industry since 1978. In fact, A-Systems was the first company to provide job cost accounting software for the PC.

A-Systems was founded May 15, 1978 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the last three decades, A-Systems has proven its stabililty by developing robust accounting software and servicing a large, nation-wide clientele. Today, A-Systems stands tall as a top provider of business accounting and job costing solutions.

The company was originally organized by the late Michael D. Wise, the creative genius and computer pioneer who, according to Byte Magazine, created the first true PC. This is the legacy upon which A-Systems was built.

Mike Wise with Sphere I

The Sphere I computer, may not look like much nowadays, but when Mike created it in 1975, it was revolutionary. If Sphere I looks familiar, that is because it inspired many copycats. Many high-tech innovations originated with Mike Wise and the Sphere I microcomputer. If you have ever pressed [Alt]-[Ctrl]-[Delete], Mike selected those keys to soft-boot his original microcomputer in 1975.

Established as a computer expert, Mike Wise was hired to create a job costing program. Working with a CPA and the Contractor, Mike created a powerful program. He purchased the rights to the program and it became the basis of A-Systems Corporation.

Since 1978, A-Systems has focused all of its energies on one product, Accounting Software for the Construction Industry, technically known as Job Costing. As a pioneer in PC-based Job Costing, A-Systems originated and perfected the concept of having multiple fiscal periods open at the same time. This capacity is taken for granted today, but it was a revolutionary idea in 1978 when A-Systems introduced it. Because A-Systems was a pioneer, it also set many other software standards. A-Systems has many loyal clients across the nation. To read their comments, click here.

Over the decades, A-Systems has worked continuously to further enhance its product, making it better, faster, more powerful, quicker to learn, and best of all, even easier to use. A-Systems has provided its clients with literally thousands of enhancements. Most of these were either designed or requested by A-Systems’ large family of loyal clients.

Even with all these new capabilities, A-Systems chooses not to charge a lot of money for its powerful software. A-Systems is convinced that most software companies overcharge for their products! To prospective clients who expect to pay high prices, it might appear that an affordable program may have limitations. This is simply not the case with A-Systems JobView. The truth is that there are companies doing well into the $100s of millions per year that attribute their financial success to the power and ease of use built into A-Systems JobView. Large companies are very sophisticated and quite complex, yet the power and functionality built into A-Systems JobView more than meets their needs. Beyond their needs, A-Systems JobView meets their wants. Still, A-Systems JobView is quick to learn and easy to use. The cost and time to get started on A-Systems JobView is minimal. Many software shoppers are surprised to learn that some companies actually charge as much to train them and get them set up as they do for their software. Not so with A-Systems JobView. To see what our clients think of A-Systems JobView, click here.

Great Service is a matter of Attitude!

In addition, to our very powerful, easy to use, job costing software, we provide effective, accessible client support. Our clients are not required to go through a machine to reach a live person. We refuse to use automated phone answering at A-Systems. A call to our Technical Support Department is answered by an expert, not a recording, during regular business hours. If the phone lines in the support department are busy, client calls are answered by a live person in another department who will gladly take the message and alert the individual or department being called. At A-Systems, we do not believe personal service is possible when a machine answers the phone. Simply put, our clients come first. That is how we have succeeded since 1978. To see what our clients say about our Technical Support Department, click here.

At A-Systems, we know all about high technology. It is the very nature of our business. We still prefer to deal with our clients the old-fashioned way. Our primary goal, dating from the first day A-Systems opened its doors, is to take personal care of our clients and provide them with the accounting tools they need to succeed. It’s an old-fashioned idea and it seems out of date to many businesses, but it works for us. If you would like to test our claim about personal service, call our Toll-Free Help line at (800) 841-2666 during business hours and say, “I was just calling to see if a real person or a machine answered your phone.” Your call will be answered by live people there to help you.

Software Updates: Are they a Service too?

A-Systems is dedicated to meeting client needs and wants. The programming staff works continuously on new updates that contain new features and functions. Where do all of the ideas for new things come from? From our clients, our very loyal clients, that recognize our responsiveness to their needs and wants.

For example, A-Systems may release a totally new A-Systems JobView feature in an update, something new envisioned by a creative client. It would be created to meet that client’s exacting specifications. After it is released, two other people will say, “Now that you’ve made A-Systems JobView do that, can you make it do it this way too, and a third way, and then let me have the choice to do it whichever way I want?” Then, when that update is released, meeting those clients’ requests, four other people submit good ideas about new things they want added too. This generates a never ending cycle of improvement, enhancement, and additional power. In response, A-Systems ships three updates every year, each with a long list of new features that were designed and requested by loyal clients.

Since 1978, new features and functions added to A-Systems’ software totals into the thousands. If A-Systems were to number updates using the numbering system many software companies use, the A-Systems JobView’s latest update would be Version 80.0 or 90.0 or maybe even higher. At A-Systems, we consider it a privilege to respond to clients’ requests. It is an essential part of our great service.

Time for Action!

To find out about A-Systems software for yourself, order your own Risk-Free Trial Version of A-Systems JobView. You can do it online or by calling A-Systems toll free at (800) 365-6790. We can even show you A-Systems JobView over the Internet. Do it today!