Customer Comments about A-Systems JobView

"I have used other construction software packages in the past and JobView is by far the most complete system I have used. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also very flexible. It is quick, concise, and very user-friendly. It has met all of our needs--and then some! M.B.*

"Without A-Systems JobView, we would never have been able to keep track of all the change orders on this project. That would have cost us a lot of money." J.W.*

"A-Systems JobView Updates are wonderful. Keep up the good work!" R.W.H., Jr.*

"The auditor for our Workers Compensation carrier told me that the reports I provided her were the best she had ever seen! She was impressed and happy because our Workers Compensation Audit reports enabled her to audit us quickly and accurately." E.O.*

"I have, over the past 'lots of years', ran across 'Report Writers' by the dozen. DataView is different from all of them. It works. It allows the creation of reports into any form that anyone might ask for. I congratulate you." H.W.O., Jr.*

The new DataView Custom Report Writer feature has allowed us to create any report imaginable with just a few clicks of the mouse. We can now print new reports in a matter of minutes which has saved us hours of time! MB*

"A-Systems JobView has been everything it was promised and more." R.W.H., Jr.*

"The online Help file is excellent." H.W.O., Jr.*

"The directions are clear. Whoever wrote those"help" screens is savvy, consistently calling a thing by the same name, not by one name in one section and by another name in another place." E.O.*

"Before we started using A-Systems software we used to get our year end results around April. Here we are two weeks into the new year and we just finished all of our financials and taxes." R.D.*

"I've been using your software since 1987 and have been extremely happy with it. Even though your software appears to be designed for larger companies, it does a great job for us as a small remodeling contractor." T.R.B.*

* References are provided upon request, after a buyer has decided to purchase the software subject only to talking to a reference or two. As a courtesy, customers are protected from being bombarded by endless calls from “tire kickers.” We keep reminding ourselves that our references’ first job is doing job costing. Bragging about A-Systems Software comes somewhere after that. We appreciate the responsibility they shoulder and respect their need to “get the job done.” After all, that’s what A-Systems Software is all about.

Technical Support

"One of the best things about A-Systems is your support system. Your people listen and don't try to impress me with how much they know by using technical terms. They are patient, stay with me, and make sure I understand. I can hardly say enough about it." E.O.*

"The Technical Support people are wonderful." R.W.H, Jr.*

"I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to the support group at A-Systems. I know who I can count on when an "operator malfunction" occurs. Hats off to you all!" P.T.*

"Thank you for your friendly and efficient service over the past 15 years." T.R.B.*

"If I manage to get myself all tangled up, there are always the very pleasant folks at A-Systems support who apparently never tire of getting me straightened out again. It is always a pleasure to work with them." H.W.O. Jr.*