Custom Report Writer (Dataview™) - A-Systems JobView Features

Custom Report Writer (Dataview™)  Screenshot

A-Systems JobView has literally billions of reports built into it. Most people use a dozen or so, their favorites, in the formats they prefer. The reports were designed to fit the wants and needs of thousands of companies.

Built-in reports are easy to print. Just select one and print it. If you want to further define a report that more precisely meets your needs on a given day, you can save your definition and run it again anytime you want. It's that easy.

However, not everyone is satisfied with preformatted reports, even if there are billions to choose from. For those people, A-Systems offers the DataView™ Custom Report Writer. DataView is so easy, anyone can run it.

Step 1 is to choose what kind of report you want; Payroll, Accounts Payable, Inventory, etc.

Step 2 is to define the report, using the screen shown above. Select the data you want, put the columns in the order you want, add Calculated Fields (using formulas like you would find in Microsoft Excel®), and Change the Field Attributes (Justification, Numeric/Text, Date, etc.)

Step 3 is to define which records you want selected (Filtered).

Step 4 is to define how you want the report sorted (which fields, ascending or descending).

Step 5 is to define how you want the report to look. Do you want it with colored bars, with your logo, printed portrait or landscape, in a different font, a different color?

To try this yourself, order your own Free Trial Version of A-Systems JobView. You can do it online or by calling A-Systems toll free at (800) 365-6790. Do it today.